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Very Nice!

All your animations make me feel very good.
I feel that everyone should get a chance to see this flash.
this is why i'm posting the following link.
No, not to promote the site. Not to spam Newgrounds, or to annoy you.
It is because I think your work is truly wonderful, and should be enjoyed to the fullest.
And so, I give you:
http://www.y8.com/games/HappyPartyDre amDance
I hope you forgive me, but I'm sure you'll understand.
Good work.

SpikeVallentine responds:

I understand.

By the way, when was the last time you clicked "WATCH THIS MOVIE!"?

nice but i have a question.

cant you just submit the movie with a different song?

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Cool but,

As long as you wasted more than 10 seconds of YOUR life making this, we're even.
Really nice movie though!

Little-Rena responds:

I didn't waste time making it with the intention of wasting your time, if it wasted your time, I did what I set out to do¬!1


This actually worked!
Try it guys!


Good, well, actually...

I tried to make one similar and it got blammed, but this i must say had way better animation than mine and probably had a better concept.
However, at times it seemed as though everything was stuffed in and not at all organized.
Overall, ill give it a 5 out of 10, just to be fair.

ProdigalFlashMaster responds:

hehe, iv seen loads of them but theyr all prety bad, so i tryed to make one and it came out prety good :)


One of the best animations ive ever seen!

Funny and full of Entretainment

A Classic and epic (Even though i have no Idea what epic means, it just sounds right) story, featuring Marco, Petey and Kimbles, who set out on a adventure to find the meaning and true spirit of Halloween.
This second episode, contains part of what happens inside the skull cave, now that the trio have finally found it.
And meanwhile, Riley Is setting up a trap that will ensure the fate of our three heros.
Can Marco, Petey and Kimbles survive their quest? And If They do, will they Complete it?

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realy nice

you know, you should make a background tutorial
I love the drawings, but i think you should work a little more on the animating.
You say: do this and do that, but You dont say HOW to do it.
goet my meaning?
Anyway, really good flash annd I hope to see a background ttutorial from you in future.

You should team up

you should team up with Alvin-Earthworm


I just love this flash!
It's so smooth and well animated, I'ts just perfect.
One thing though, how did you get that preloader. don't tell me you made it becouse I've been seing it alot lately.
well, thats all.
Please Reply.

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